Cook your way around the world.

When you join, you'll receive a different world region's cooking kit each month. Your subscription renews like a magazine so you never miss a box! It's super easy to skip a month or cancel.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my box?

You'll receive a box each month right around the 30th. If you join after the 25th of the month, your subscription begins the following month. We ship via the US Postal Service. You'll receive a tracking number when your box ships.

Note: December 2016 boxes will be shipped early (December 20th) for arrival before Christmas.

What's actually in the box?

Each box features a different world region's cuisine and includes 4 expertly curated pantry ingredients like custom spice blends, unique grains, legumes, dried fruit, nuts and/or other dry goods. Also included are an introduction to the region's flavors and 4 easy to follow recipes. We provide the perfect amount of each ingredient so that you can make the recipes include at least once (and typically enough of the spices to make each recipe 3-4 times!), but not so much that they sit in your cupboard unused! You'll just pick up the basic groceries needed to make the recipes.

Can I find out the region before it ships or is it a surprise?

We announce the next featured region at the beginning of the month on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Part of the fun is the adventure of trying new things and exploring new cuisines. However, if you'd prefer to skip the next month's box you can do so by logging into your account before the 5th of the month. Please note that only monthly subscribers can skip a month (gift orders and pre-pays ineligible).

When will I be billed?

When you place your order, you'll be billed immediately. All active subscriptions auto-renew like a magazine on the 5th of the month. For example, if you sign-up for a subscription before May 25th, you will be billed immediately for the May box. The re-billing date will be June 5th, or the next business day, for the June box. One month, three month and six month gift and pre-pay orders also renew until canceled.

How can I skip a month?

Monthly subscribers can skip a month simply by logging into their account before the 5th of the month. Under "your subscriptions" click "edit" and choose "skip next renewal" or email Gift and pre-pay 3 month and 6 month orders are ineligible to skip a month at this time.

Can I purchase a gift subscription?

Of course! Our cooking kits make great gifts for the special foodie in your life. We offer a one month and a three month gift subscription. You can order them here. If you're looking for something to give immediately, you can find a downloadable gift print out here.

Note: Our December 2016 boxes will ship on December 20th for delivery before December 25th.

Are your recipes vegetarian or gluten free?

We offer our cooking kits with either standard recipes (may contain meat and/or seafood) or vegetarian recipes. The choice is yours when you sign up. The pantry ingredients included in both the standard and vegetarian box are the same. We do not offer a specific gluten free box, although depending on the regional cuisine featured that month, some and/or all of the ingredients may be gluten free (note: they are not processed in a gluten free facility).

How much is shipping?

Shipping for our monthly subscriptions is a flat rate of $3.75 per month to U.S. destinations. Shipping for gift subscriptions is included in the purchase price.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time. We hope to add shipping to Canada soon.

How can I cancel?

So you want to cancel? We'll be sad to see you go. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to change your mind. To cancel, login to your account and under "your subscriptions" click "edit" and choose "cancel subscription." If it is the 5th of the month or after, you will be sent that month's box and/or any remaining boxes in your payment cycle, but your subscription will not renew after that. If you have any questions regarding canceling please get in touch with us at